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Winter tires may seem unnecessary to those who aren't living in snowy mountains or heading on weekend trips to the ski slopes, but the truth is, in snowy conditions a good set of them could save your life. Here's how:

They are made for wet, snowy, and icy conditions. Finding yourself driving in these conditions can be scary, especially if you are not used to the climate. However, knowing you have a good set of winter tires can help to put your mind at ease.

1. Winter tires have increase traction

Winter tires are designed with smaller treads and hundreds of small treads within the treads themselves. In other words, they have treads on their treads. This varied surface of the tire is better able to grip the road and the ice or snow because it has more flex. They are extremely effective for accelerating and braking on slippery or unpredictable road conditions. Increased traction undoubtedly means increased safety on the road.

2. All-Season tires aren't great for snow

When you purchase a new car, the tires will likely be advertised as all-season, or all-purpose. This is a generalization that the tires will work well in most conditions. Because not every area requires winter tires, manufacturers do not feel the need to include them on vehicles. However, if you are living somewhere where winter conditions last most of the year, such as in Alaska, or in snowy mountains, it is best to upgrade those all-purpose tires to proper ones. Research done by one of America's largest tire retailers demonstrates that winter tires can supply the vehicle with 21% more traction that all-season tires in winter conditions.

3. Give Your Summer Tires a Longer Life Span

You know now that winter tires are significantly better for snowy and icy seasons, but what about the increased cost? It can be difficult to justify purchasing a specialized set of tires that is specific to one particular climate and season, especially if winter in your area lasts only a few months. However, placing your safety first, they are the way to go. As far as costs, you will be paying for an extra set of them for winter, but that just means there is less wear on your summer tires and less frequent replacement. For that reason, the costs should about even out.

With this being said, you now know why you need to install Winter tires.