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Husqvarna snow throwers are excellent choices for people who value real performance. These snow throwers are created by a company that can be considered an expert when it comes to snow. Husqvarna, as a company, has its roots tracing back to the Arctic Circle, and the company's close immersion to extreme snow conditions provide it an added expertise in creating powerful and extremely efficient snow machines. The Husqvarna snow throwers are specifically created to plow through various levels of snow coverage and are engineered to make your snow clearing experience the easiest it can possibly be.

What Husqvarna Offers You

Husqvarna currently provides several different types of snow throwers to meet the various requirements of different consumers. They offer single-stage snow throwers designed for the ease and convenience of homeowners, such as new models 5021E and the 5021R, both equipped with top-class Briggs and Stratton engines. They also provide two-stage snow throwers for homeowners with higher needs. The models include the 5524STE and the 924SBE, both of which come with Tecumseh Snow King L-Head engines. Aside from that, they also manufacture large-scale snow throwers such as two-stage models for Prosumers. The models under this category are the 10527SBE and the 1130SBE, both of which come with powerful Tecumseh Snow King engines. And for high level usage, there are also two-stage professional-grade snow blowers from Husqvarna such as the 1130SBE-XP and the 1330SBE-XP, both equipped with Tecumseh Snow King OHV engines.

Options for Homeowners

The 5021R is a new single-stage snow thrower model that can clear 21-inch wide paths and 10-inch high snow depths. It has a 5-HP Briggs and Stratton 4-cycle engine that has no problem powering up even in extremely cold weather. It also comes with a convenient and easy to operate single remote lever that can control the direction of the snow even without stopping the entire machine. This is a good snow blower for first time homeowners and for those with pretty basic snow clearing needs.

But if you think that a single-stage snow thrower is not strong enough to handle the heavy snow coverage in your area, you can check out the two-stage models. There's the 5524STE, which can handle 23 inches of snow and clear 24-inch wide paths. It comes with a sturdy, two-stage auger and impeller system, a 5.5-HP Tecumseh Snow King engine, and a single motion lever control. It has an electric starter and durable 13" x 5" wheels. It is packed in a powder-coated frame that can resist corrosion.

Options for Heavy-Duty Users

Prosumers can also make use of the stronger power of the 1130SBE for higher level needs. It has a powerful 11-HP Tecumseh Snow King engine and has a 23" intake height and 30" clearing width. It comes with hand warmers, user-friendly levers, and an added halogen light for safe use in dark areas. But one of the highest models of Husqvarna snow throwers is the 1330SBE-XP. This model is a superior-grade snow machine that can help you deal with adverse snow conditions. It comes with a supreme Tecumseh Snow King engine with 13 horsepower and a high-speed impeller that clears snow away faster than other snow blowers can. It also comes with a hydrostatic transmission that allows users to maneuver tight turns. This snow blower can plow through 23 inches of snow coverage and clear paths as wide as 30 inches for fewer passes. Its 16" x 6.5" tires are specifically designed with heavy duty work in mind.

Pros: Husqvarna's expertise in snow cannot be questioned, and the company offers snow blowers at different capacity levels so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.
Cons: Prices can be quite expensive.

The Verdict

Husqvarna snow throwers are for basic users and professional users alike. The machines' quality cannot be doubted, and the company focuses on expert clearing of snow more than on any other factor.