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The concept of DIY is not a new one but it wasn't only until recently that their popularity became widespread. In the age of ready-to-assemble homes, it is no surprise that people are so into doing projects by themselves, from fixing their own leaky faucets to building their own garden sheds and garages. There's just something to be said about building something with your own two hands and seeing it standing erect and proud in your backyard.

The term DIY (do-it-yourself) has been associated with consumers since 1912 mostly in the realm of home improvement and maintenance. The term was coined to refer to the emergence of a trend wherein people took it upon themselves to fix, repair or build various home improvement projects or crafts projects as both a creative outlet and cost-saving activity. Why pay for a plumber to fix your faucet when you can do it yourself for free, right?

As time passed, the concept of DIY grew to include the renovation of rundown older homes and these days, they also include ready-to-assemble modular and kit homes, which has opened doors for potential homeowners and given them better chances of purchasing their dream homes. Also, when you say DIY these days, what comes to mind would be construction projects like sheds and garages which are definitely some of the most expensive home improvement projects if we didn't have DIY shed kits to work with.

Also, the fact that these shed kits are readily available both online and off also contributed to their rising popularity. For those who lack considerable carpentry skills, these sheds are a God-send because even the most clueless would-be carpenter can easily follow the instruction manual that come with these kits and be able to have a working and structurally-sound shed within days. The fact that these kits also already come with the necessary building materials and with the walls, floor and roof already laid out and ready, all that needs to be done is to check if permits will be required as well as a review of the local building codes.

While the concept of building your own sheds was initially discouraged due to the fact that trying to construct your own sheds with a considerable lack of the necessary skills can result in too many first-time mistakes that can render the whole project a moot point and a general waste of time and money, it is now widely encouraged primarily because it has been afforded a level of ease and convenience that is targeted specifically for amateur carpenters and handymen.

When you simply have to bolt in and connect walls to roofs makes these kits appealing, not to mention the fact that you don't have to refer to complicated drawings and layouts also makes it ideal for amateur builders who are new to home improvement projects and would like to gauge their level of expertise and understanding. You learn something new and at the same time you grow confident about your ability to learn new things and thus, find it easier to tackle new challenges.

Of course, possibly the best benefit of DIY projects is the fact that there is no greater feeling of fulfillment than finishing a task you thought you wouldn't be able to finish. Doing DIY projects gives you a chance to assess your own skills or if you have any at all to begin with. For the fitness buff, you also get to burn a lot of calories since building sheds or garages will let you work up a sweat.