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The birth of a new child is a cause for celebration for everyone in the family! For many Christian families, the introduction of this new life requires a baptism or christening ceremony where the church and the family welcome and make official the beginning of your child's Christian life. In the early days of Christianity, baptism was mostly performed on adults, as most people were new to the Christian religion. However as time has passed this initiative is now commonly performed on infants, with a naming ceremony included within the service. For lots of new parents, a baptism ceremony may be hard to organize with a range of issues to plan. However, if you follow the few tips given below, it will help your day to run smoothly and be enjoyed by everyone - especially your little one!

1. Do not forget the simple stuff-plan in advance

Perhaps the easiest way to make your child's christening or baptism as successful as possible is to ensure that all aspects of the day are as well thought-out as possible. The type of day you wish to have can determine a lot of other factors, including such things as the location of the event, choice of attire and nature of the ceremony itself. So remember that a little bit of advanced planning will lead to a better outcome!

2. Choose your location

Traditionally, baptisms and christenings are held within a church, and for many, holding the ceremony in a sanctified place is a significant and important aspect of the ceremony. However, it is also possible to hold the ceremony within your home or even in your garden, depending on the time of year. Holding the ceremony at home can often be a more intimate experience and you also have all the advantages of home to care for your child's comfort.

3. Choose your child's Godparents

Once you have chosen the location you will be able to discuss with your priest or pastor about the different requirements you have for the ceremony, and also inform them of who your child's godparents are. Asking a close friend or family member to act as your child's Godparent can be a very rewarding experience and an important responsibility (in most cases these will have been chosen in advance to the ceremony plans being made).

4. Choose your child's attire.

Your next decision will be about what your child will wear for their special day. Christenings or baptisms would traditionally see children wearing christening gowns because they are symbolic of the christening event. These christening gowns are usually white, in order to symbolize innocence and purity, and can be purchased in a wide range of materials such as cotton batiste, shantung, silk, and high quality polyester matte satin. Christening gowns can also come in more simplistic, modern designs which are appropriate for the occasion but can offer more comfort for your child. Or if a gown does not suit your taste, high quality romper suits are a great alternative! They are appropriate attire for christenings and baptisms (especially for boys) and can be purchased in a wide range of styles and finishes. These suits can be designed to include shirts and ties and smartly made lower sections to create the look of a small suit which is perfect for an occasion such as this.

5. Finally, consider the time of year

You may also need to think about the time of year in which the event will be held. The temperature of the day will help determine what kind of material will be best in terms of its thickness and also the sleeve length of the christening gowns or suit. If you are looking to have short sleeves but are worried about the child becoming cold during the day, purchase a small cardigan which will help keep him warm and will also look very smart. The quality of the fabric is also important. This is an event where your child is the star, so it is important that he / she looks their best. One of the main ways to achieve this is to purchase good quality, beautifully made romper suits or christening gowns. By ensuring that the star of the day is comfortable, warm, and looking dashing, this special day is sure to run as smoothly as possible.