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One of the best beverages in the world is coffee. Coffee, according to historians has its roots in Africa where it was first found, and not only is it serving as beverage, it also provides millions of people with energy. During the freezing cold winter is helps to raise body temperature. Today, coffee has spread to other African countries and European nations.

Coffee with its unique taste has become a staple drink enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people globally. It comes in different brands and it's enjoyed at home, in the office and in coffee shops. The process of making a cup of coffee is simply mixing the coffee beans in boiling water. To make it even faster and easier, there are several coffee makers available. They are of various brands, shapes and sizes.

Thanks to these coffee makers, a cup of coffee can be made by just a push of a button. So you can enjoy it whether you are free or busy. Coffee makers were invented in 1818 by a genius named Laurens and he has been credited for making several types of machines for coffee. This enabled people to brew a cup of coffee automatically in seconds. In 1901, the first Espresso maker was conceived by an Italian manufacturing whose aim was to save his employer time it took to brew a cup manually. At that time that was the best coffee appliance around.

Today, due to technological advancements made, several types of coffee machines are available in stores and markets in the world. Coffee machines are now made by different brands with different prices.

Manual coffee machines are common in the globe. It's the traditional coffee make which has been referred to as the best coffee machine. It is usually used domestically and it offers the chance to make your own coffee taste. We also have the automatic coffee machine, this basically does the job of grinding, milk frothing and brewing of the coffee.

The other type is the capsule coffee machine, which delivers a cup of coffee in seconds. The machine is sealed with already measured coffee, all you need to do is to drop the capsule and make a selection for a nice espresso.

While we get busier every day, there are several activities competing for our time hence the need to automate and maximise time. In purchasing a coffee machine, you should consider how you intend to use it, the cost and how it match your lifestyle. Also you need to consider the location/place you will put the machine whether it's in your home, office or coffee shop. You should choose the machine that fits your lifestyle and taste. There are several brands available in the market today. Bands such as Braun, Kitchen Aid, Juda and Mr. Coffee. These brand offer fast, less noise and durability. These brands deliver the best coffee machines.

If perfection is what you desire in a cup of coffee, you need to get the best coffee machine. Nespresso Pixie is best coffee machine you can get. It's the smallest in the Nespresso coffee machines and it can fit into a tiny kitchen due to its size. It can deliver a hot cup of coffee in 25 seconds. Other brands can be searched online to meet your specific or desire requirement. So make a good choice depending on your need, budget and lifestyle.