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Generation Love Gold Sweater Combo - love this for casual days

Generation Love Gold Sweater Combo – love this for casual days

Following blockbuster films such as The Untouchables, The Godfather, Goodfellas, Once Upon A Time In America and, more recently, Public Enemies, gangster outfits have become one of the most popular types of 1920's fancy dress at Halloween and at themed parties, through the country.

Always extremely popular with the men, they are now often worn by women, where the Gangster Moll's outfit is second only to flapper costumes when it comes to female 1920's fancy dress.

So if you have decided to go to the upcoming costume party in 1920's fancy dress and and more specifically you have decided to buy one of those great gangster outfits that you have found online, what are those little extras that you will need to consider purchasing to make your outfit just that extra bit authentic looking?

Below are five great accessories that will transform your gangster outfit into something that Al Capone himself would have been proud of.

1920s spats

White in color and made from a soft felt material, 1920's spats really do help to create a classic twenties shoe look. Make sure that you get some with a Velcro fastening for easy use and with an elastic stirrup between the heal and the sole so that they stay in place properly. The better 1920's spats that you can find typically includes silver colored buttons on the side for that extra little touch.

The black spiv moustache

The weaselly looking black spiv mustache makes a superb gangster's mustache and is quite easy to apply with face paintings. However, if you really want to look the part you could always buy a self adhesive one, where no spirit gum is needed, which is more likely to last the night than a painted one would.

Felt trilby hat

A black felt trilby makes a perfect gangster hat and will add a lot to the costume, without costing a great deal. Meanwhile, the ladies might want to consider buying a pin striped fedora hat to compliment their gangster's moll costume.

Molded PVC tommy gun

No gangster outfit would be complete without a molded PVC tommy gun at your side. You will be surprised just how cheaply you can buy these for and they will surely add a little something to your costume.

Male gangster shoes

Although a pair of gangster shoes are likely to be more expensive than the items mentioned above, these black and white patent shoes are the ultimate 1920's fancy dress accessory that are guaranteed to complete any gangster's costume.