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The festive Christmas season and snow globes go hand in hand. These glittery little balls capture the wonderful effect of a white Christmas. Snow globes are easy to make and add a spectacular look to the cheerful Christmas decor. All we need is some craft material, little imagination, and creativity to make a spectacular snow globe.

Required Material:
• Glass jar with a tight fitting lid
• Waterproof figurines or ornaments
• Distilled water
• Florist clay
• Aquarium sealant or hot glue gun
• Glycerin
• 2-3 hard-boiled egg shells
• Glitter
• Acrylic paint and brush
• A round or square piece of wood for base support
• Ribbon or coiled Christmas rope
• Craft Glue

Steps to make snow globe:
• Preparing the jars: Clean and dry both jar and lid thoroughly. Ensure that the figurine or the scene chosen for the snow globe fits the diameter and height of the jar.
• Fixing the figurine: Attach the figurine to the lid with the help of florist clay. You may build up the clay to form a pedestal to elevate the figurine for an enhanced effect.
• Clay theme: Paint the florist clay in line with the theme or scene of the snow globe. Allow it to dry and set for around 2 hours.
• Snow formation: Remove the membrane of the eggshells and crush them until it turns into fine crumbs to give snowy appearance.
• Mist effect: Fill the jar with cool distilled water and add a few drops of glycerin. Glycerin helps to reduce the falling motion of the snow and gives the snow globe a mesmerizing effect. You may use mineral oil instead of water and glycerin. It produces the same result.
• Glittering: Add crumbled eggshells and glitter to the jar to make the glittering snow.
• Sealing water: Invert the lid with the scene in the water and screw it tight. Wipe off any spilled water from the jar and the lid. Seal the sides of the lid with a hot glue gun or aquarium sealant and let it set for around 12 hours or overnight.
• Stability: To give it better support, stick the snow globe from the lid to a flat piece of wood. This ensures enhanced stability to the ornament.
• Base painting: Paint the wooden base and the lid of the snow globe and allow it to dry.
• Accessorizing: Use craft glue to decorate the wood stand and the lid with Christmas rope, ribbons, and other festive trimmings.