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Are you the eccentric type? Is your idea of a wedding a golden-brown Egyptian theme, complete with costumes and props? Here is a creative way of creating 'papyrus' wedding stationery that can be used in your invitations, envelopes, wedding cards and bridal invitation that will match your Egyptian Style Wedding. It is certainly unconventional but creative and would charm your guests to partake in your chosen theme.

Materials Required:

Gauze Rolls

All-purpose/ arts and crafts glue



Stock Paper

Small Paintbrush


  1. Cut strips of gauze a little lengthier than the length of the paper. Ordinary paper will do, but it is better to use heavier cardstock if you are to use them for envelopes and wedding cards. Lay out the cut strips of gauze on top of the paper vertically. Add more layers of gauze until desired thickness.
  2. To make the coffee mixture: Mix 1 part water, 1 part glue, and then add the coffee. The amount of coffee to be used depends on how light or dark you want your finished product to look. Make sure not to use three-in-one coffee because ants will come running when you leave it to dry.
  3. Make sure you've laid out your project on top of a table with plastic covering or a surface that is easy to clean because this may get a little messy. Use a paintbrush to apply the coffee mixture on the paper and gauze. Leave it for a few minutes and the gauze would have attached to the glue.
  4. Lift the amalgamation carefully and leave in the sunlight to dry. It usually takes a whole day to let it dry completely. When it is dry you can choose to further flatten the paper by putting them between heavy encyclopedias. Cut the uneven edges to make a clean finish. And voila you have your finished papyrus wedding stationary with the added scent of coffee.
Ideas for your papyrus wedding stationary:

  1. You can use this method to cover envelopes of your wedding cards.
  2. You can paint over these using oil based paints and colors, copying from Egyptian papyrus art or hieroglyphics.
  3. You cannot write or print on top of these handmade paper, instead use it as your base and paste the printed invitation over the surface and add page inserts in complementing colors
  4. You can add glitter and gold craft material to enhance the professional look of the stationery.