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Burgundy Suede 2 Piece Skirt Set FORM FITTING. Suede material crop top and skirt...

Burgundy Suede 2 Piece Skirt Set FORM FITTING. Suede material crop top and skirt set. L'ATISTE Skirts Skirt Sets

Greenworks is a good name to remember, especially when you need to get rid of all that white stuff from your drive and sidewalk. In particular, you will want to imprint the Greenworks 26032 electric snow thrower on your mind as a machine to purchase if you are looking for a high-quality snow thrower for handling and removing snow.

A Little Bit about the Snow Thrower

The Greenworks 26032 electric snow thrower is powered by 12 amps and can clear a path as wide as 20 inches and snow over a half foot deep. The cord lock conveniently secures the extension cord on the snow thrower for extra safety too. Designed with eight-inch radial wheels, the snow thrower can throw snow as much as twenty feet.

A Few More Notable Details

Indeed, Greenworks is the perfect moniker for the snow throwing equipment as the 12-amp machine is a green-friendly product, producing no carbon emissions to harm the environment. You will like the fact that you can direct snow in whatever direction you like with the snow thrower's 180 degree chute too. Not only that, the adjustable handle makes the machine simple to use. The ergonomically designed machine also comes with a four year warranty.

A Lightweight Snow Thrower that is Easy to Maneuver

The machine, which weighs in at 37 pounds, is ready to go with just a flip of a switch. In addition, the rubber handlebar makes it easy for you to efficiently adjust the height of the snow thrower at one of three settings. Some assembly is necessary when you receive the Greenworks 26032 snow blower, which is shipped with parts, such as a chute deflector, in addition to a rubber shovel.

A Five-star Recommendation and Rating

So, what do people have to say about the Greenworks 26032? One consumer said he was grateful that he ordered the machine when he did as two days following its arrival, his area was hit with almost two feet of snow. While the weather outside was frightful, the Greenworks 26032 snow blower fearlessly got rid of the snow, working like a charm. He said he chose the machine for its four-year warranty - always good to have when you have to fend against blizzards and knee-deep snows.

He mentioned that it only took five minutes to put the machine together and that the snow thrower was designed so even people with back or neck problems could operate the machine. This customer was very happy with his purchase and gave the machine a five-star recommendation and rating.

Another Five-star Comment

Another consumer, a woman from Ohio, said she liked the fact that the machine was lightweight and was easy to start. She said the machine worked admirably, efficiently removing the snow from her drive and walks. The machine was not too loud, so she felt comfortable using the snow blower in the wee morning hours when her neighbors were still sleeping. She was very satisfied with her purchase and rated it five stars as well.

Some Negative Experiences

There were some consumers, though, who did not feel so enthusiastic about their purchase of the machine. The main complaint that was registered had to do with not receiving all the hardware for the plow. While one consumer said that receiving the machine without certain key parts offset its overall value, another consumer, who received the snow blower intact, said the machine could not be surpassed when it came to affordability. Evidently, some of the snow throwers were sent out without "Quality Control" intervening.

In Summation

All in all, the product is a quality product that received a lot of positive response. Negative comments were mainly directed toward a problem with receiving parts.