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#Modest isn't frumpy. #DressingWithDignity www.ColleenHammon...

#Modest isn’t frumpy. #DressingWithDignity www.ColleenHammon…

Like many property owners, you may have embraced the DIY- "do it yourself" -revolution for home projects, which may have extended to bed bug removal endeavors. While the sprays, traps, and devices suffice for the occasional bug, a more thorough treatment is in order for larger infestations.

What should you do when the situation escalates beyond your control? Continue reading to learn how to find professional bed bug treatment and how to regain control of your home.

Review the situation

The first step is to determine an estimation of the extent of activity on your property. When did you first discover the bed bugs? In what areas of the house do you find them? Have you noticed any critters in your clothing or other belongings?

While a technician from a good pest control company will survey the building himself, it will help the process to have the answers to some of these questions in mind when you search for a removal team.

Look for a professional

As bed bugs become a growing problem, more pest control companies are launching to service the area. But beware: while a number of companies exist, few are capable to offer a professional level of removal services.

One way to find a leading firm is to ask if they offer canine (K9) inspection-a leading method for bed bug detection. For this, a highly trained team of dog and handler search the property with the dog "sniffing out" live activity, offering the highest rate of accuracy.

Ask the right questions

Once you have found a prospective removal company, make sure they possess the expertise and equipment to handle the problem efficiently. What options do they provide for inspection and treatment? Are the chemicals safe for your family and pets?

They should also offer follow-up services after treatment. A technician would return to the property within 30 days to ensure the treatment has worked and to eliminate any remaining stray pests.

Beware of Red Flags

With today's treatment technology, a family rarely needs to leave the home for days on end while a company performs a full-fledged fumigation. Rather, a proper inspection of the home will allow the team to take a more targeted approach in the treatment phase.

A quality company should also have a "no job is too small" attitude, as even individual items such as clothing or luggage can be treated for pests and not be subject to what seems an oversized task.

We all enjoy the satisfaction of handling a crisis on our own, but there comes a time to turn the situation over to a professional. If your pest infestation has spread beyond that of a few bugs, be sure to call a bed bug removal company right away to eliminate the problem.