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Sézane’s New Collection Has The Perfect Winter Coat (And It’ll Definitely Sell Out)

The Perfect Black Winter Coat & Other New Arrivals To Snag From Sezane Before They Sell Out

The moment sun starts shining brightly we're all inclined to hit the seashore. After all, there is seldom a pleasure like revelling in the exuberance of the lashing waves and the pleasant breeze. However, we don't really need to go all the way to the sea. In fact, with the all new ideas for that ideal nautical look we can bring the seashore right to our home. How? You ask! Well, all you need is a creative mind, some inspiration and probably a couple of distemper paint colours and you're all set. As far as ideas are concerned, we've got you covered!

Paint It Nautical
Whether it's your room or your patio, that you wish to go nautical with, you can always use distemper paint colours to give the walls an authentic appeal. While you can go blue with one wall, and keep the other walls white, you can opt for a large anchor print on the wall right behind your bed. This will help you keep things simple yet flattering. And yes, do make sure you pick the best quality wall colours as you don't want them coming off in a year or so. In fact, make sure that before the walls are painted, you create a strong base for the paint using a high-end acrylic putty!

Rope It up
Yes, we're talking about the strong yet enticing looking jute twine rope. Right from pulling one across the length of the staircase, to hanging your bathrobes and towels on them, make good use of this humble accessory. In fact, you can go all out by ensuring your table mats and doormats are made of these as well! Considering the low expense - high utility ratio, this idea is a clear win-win.

Go Marine
Right from bed sheets to curtains, you can pick marine prints to go with your primitive look created using ropes. If you don't wish to pick up prints, you can always go for the classic white and blue stripes. And while you're at it, it would be a great idea to hang a sailor suit on an empty wall. Not only will it accentuate your theme, but will also act as an artifact.

Light It Up
You can either opt for lanterns in assorted shapes or simply suspend similar ones at different lengths for that raw look. This will especially work amazingly well for your patio. To amp up the decor, you can either place a wreath somewhere around or simply put an old wooden ladder!

Now that you know what to do and how, we're sure you'll get the look just perfect! So, wait no more, get going with this raving idea and make the most of your creative side!