black cardigan sweater

Minus the heels, this is my look on the daily...except with a long black duster....

Minus the heels, this is my look on the daily…except with a long black duster…and either leggings or jeans…and different camisoles or graphic tees.

There are many shops in the UK which stock affordable Mother of the Bride outfits . An online search will bring you many terrific options to choose from. You will not have to spend a lot of money to come up with something great, in fact, with the internet you have plenty of options right at your fingertips, just waiting to be explored. Sales are easier to find and you can check wherever your size is available before traipsing down to a store and ending up being disappointed.

Top Designers

It is a great idea to get started by looking at the expensive ranges in stores first. See what the top designers have to offer. Even if these outfits are out of your price range they will give you great inspiration and ideas about what to look for. Pretty much all the designs can be found at a fraction of the price in discount stores or even on eBay. Now, there is a place you can pick up a terrific bargain, but the secret is to start your shopping early enough to give you time to wait for what you want to come available.

Shopping Early

If you have advance warning about the wedding, you may even be lucky enough to find an end of line item on sale from the previous season. Try to aim for a classic style which will not be quickly outdated. These classic styles are recommended for Mother of the Bride outfits, because twenty years later when your grandchildren are looking at the resulting photos, you want to still look fashionable and elegant. You certainly do not want to hear "What were you thinking Gran?"

Where to Start

Harrods is a great place to spend an afternoon checking out what elegant Mother of the Bride outfits are on offer and once you have an idea of ​​what you want, head to Matalan for a real bargain. Especially if you are choosing separates, no one will ever know where you shopped. Be sure to try outfits on while at Harrods because apart from anything else, what fun to be trying on dresses, shoes and hats to get a feel for what you like. You can even take pictures to look at later. Of course, do not let on that you do not plan on making your final purchase there, but maybe do yourself to a nice lunch downstairs.

With your clear ideas in mind, you can then start your search online and in other high street stores, Oxford street in London has most of the big stores, if you can handle the crowds. Marks and Spencer is another great place to look for classic items and is convevently found on most high streets too.

Mix and Match for Maximum Effect

If you are going to choose something with an obvious print, you may want to think about using a dressmaker for something unique that no one else will have seen or be wearing at the wedding. Alternately, a moderately expensive top can be matched nicely with very affordable shoes, skirt or trousers and other accessories that are a fraction of the price. The top standing out and making the whole outfit appear far move expensive than it actually is.