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Romeo + Juliet Bandage Skirt - Ibis Rose M NWT Romeo + Juliet Couture Bandage Sk...

Romeo + Juliet Bandage Skirt – Ibis Rose M NWT Romeo + Juliet Couture Bandage Skirt Color: Ibis Rose/Barbie pink form-fitting skirt elasticized waist About 22.5″ long Brand: Romeo & Juliet Couture Made in: United States Fiber Content: 62% viscose, 36% nylon, 2% spandex Romeo & Juliet Couture Skirts Pencil

Basically, many women are embarrassed of their body sizes and shapes. This is particularly the case when wearing cocktail dresses. If you're such a lady, you need not to worry anymore. There are various tricks that you may use while wearing cocktail dresses and appear slimmer than you really are. The following are some of the tricks you may try to appear slim and feel comfortable while wearing cocktail outfits.

Basically, all the cocktail outfits designs are meant to draw attention. Therefore, you need to be confident while wearing them because everyone will be looking at you. If you do think that you are not slim enough for the dress, you should consider wearing dark colors. Such colors will disguise your figure and make you appear slimmer than you actually are. Some of the colors you should consider include gray, black and navy blue.

The other tip is to opt for the dresses that have vertical patterns rather than the ones with horizontal patterns. To create an illusion that you are slimmer, you should consider cocktail envelopes that have vertical stripes. Again, do not try to wear dresses that have multiple colors if you are trying to look slim. Instead, you should only go for cocktail dresses that have a single color, such as black. In addition to making the dress appear busy, multiple colored dresses will also make your figure appear bulky. A single colored dress on the other hand, will make your figure appear slimmer.

A dress that is in loose fitting will nor do you any good, if you are trying to create an impression that you are slimmer. Again, that dress is too tight will not do you any good either. In this case, you should get a cocktail outfit that is in between the two extremes.

A cocktail dress is the kind of dress that will bring attention to you effortlessly. However, it is also the type of dress that is best suited for the slim ladies. If you do not have the slim figure, you can create an impression of the same using the above mentioned tips. Additionally, various cocktail dress designs are comparatively cheap to acquire. This is dress that you should be having in your closet. It may be used for an array of night parties and events. Creating an illusion of being slimmer while you actually are not an easy task. However, with these tips, you can depict the slim figure effortlessly.